Kinetic Life: Unleash Your Potential

Why Kinetic Life

Kinetic Life, will guide you through the seven essential steps to unleashing your potential. Written as a parable, Kinetic Life leads you to a life that is bursting with passion, purpose and direction. Each chapter ushers you through the steps and actions required to conquer your own personal rollercoaster, and achieve your audacious goals and dreams.

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Meet the Author

Melerick “Mel” Mitchell believes we all have both the power and the obligation to influence the world for the better. His Kinetic career focuses on helping companies, teams and individuals build powerful identities that will change the world. 

In 2009, Mel founded Drive Influence to serve current executives as well as their rising talent, teams, and organizations in a wide range of industries including start-­ups, NGOs, governments, and corporations to accelerate performance through applying his Kinetic philosophies.

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